Empowering students through inspiration and creativity.


The League of Inspiration is an after-school program for high school students that teaches creative problem solving and personal development through abstract learning, site visits, local walks and open discussion.

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New Perspectives

League members will journey through a program that contains three core elements. Element 1: YOU ARE ART, Element 2: THE SYSTEM, Element 3: DAILY SKILLS


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New Connections

League members will get a behind the scenes view of experienced professionals in various industries. These site visits are designed to inspire, inform and expand the student's professional network.


New Projects

League members brainstorm and develop solutions that benefit their school and/or the local community.



New Approach

League members will experience a combination of life-coaching and career mentoring. The League of Inspiration's founder and host is an accomplished artist and creative pioneer.

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It takes teamwork and collaboration.

Our partners are dedicated industry pros who inspire the future of young minds by providing invaluable information for students—through site visits, feedback sessions and presentations.


3 Ways to Partner


01 Site Visits

Knock, Knock! Can we come in?
We'd love to visit your business, studio or professional environment. By showing us who, what, how and where you do your best work, students can be inspired. Will you share your work with us?

02 Internships

Could your team use a fresh perspective or helping hand?
League members are developing hands on experience by problem solving within their school community. They are the future idea generators and value-add team members. Ready to collaborate?

03 Gift Giving

Thanks so much for your help. We REALLY appreciate your gifts...
Art supplies, your time, workspaces, computer equipment, event tickets, transportation, snacks, financial contributions, good energy and ideas—Thanks!



Want to join the League?

The League of Inspiration is for the curious, career minded and creative. Would you like to join a team of diverse young minds looking to problem solve, create and discover? Do you have an interest in art, gaming, fashion, design, music, tech, community and business? Drop us a line and let's see how we can collaborate...