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The League of Inspiration's Founder and Host

Rah Crawford

Creative pioneer and artist, Rah Crawford has been an active creator since childhood—Art camps, theatre and music lessons were a regular ingredient in his early years of development. An autodidact and enthusiast for education, Rah was groomed through a mentally gifted program in school since the second grade.

As a visual artist, Rah traveled across the Atlantic to share his work through exhibitions in Amsterdam and quickly received representation in London as well. The shoes he wore while painting are displayed in the permanent collection at the S.O.N.S. Museum in Belgium. In the United States, Rah’s work has been auctioned for the Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian Museum, and ABC News reported “Rah Crawford has arrived on the art scene and is helping to change the face of contemporary art.” The New York Times describes his work as “buoyant” “exuberant” and “optimistic”. The artbook, Welcome to Earth—Rah Crawford’s Art Experience documents his decade spanning four part exhibition and the introduction of a new approach to art. Arthistoryarchive.com includes Rah Crawford on a short list of 17 neo pop artists whose work defines the genre, alongside Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons. 

A TEDx speaker and former TED organizer, Rah believes intuitive insight, inspiration and creativity are tools for realizing humankind’s greatest potential.